Monaro Mall
Monaro Mall

Monaro Mall, Canberra Centre

Congratulations to Mather Architecture, S4B Engineers and Universal Design Studio for their exquisite bespoke re-working of the Monaro Mall in the Canberra Centre.

Their refurbishment presented them five prestigious awards at the ACT Architecture Awards held at the National Gallery of Australia on Saturday 23rdJune 2018 – the J.S Murdoch Award for Heritage, the W. Hayward Morris Award for Interior Architecture, the Award for Commercial Architecture, a Commendation for Small Project Architecture and The Robert Foster Award for Light in Architecture (which we are proud to sponsor).

The Monaro Mall, Canberra Centre project was applauded for its “overall consideration of planning; views, existing elements, negative space, texture, colour and reflectivity, which all interlace to create an exceptionally atmospheric experience; where both natural and artificial light celebrate the spaces within, reflective of their scale and function” – Read more on Page 66 of the ACT Architecture Awards Catalogue 2018.

Supplied by Integral Lighting were: DARKON SIEGE track lights, SWARM ONE and SWARM TWO downlights, and CHROME DOME decorative LED lamps. LIGHT CULUTRE (TRILUX) E-Line LED’s with custom made louvres, and ERCO Track throughout the entire shopping precinct.


Floriade 2017 and GIVIT – Goods for Good Causes!

WE-EF and Integral Lighting are proud to support the national not-for-profit organisation GIVIT this Floriade by lighting up their #DonateRejuvenate House in it’s company colour. This great organisations ethos is to rejuvenate pre-loved items by giving them a new life. The idea of the glasshouse on Floriade’s grounds is to provide visitors with the opportunity to donate their pre-loved items to local residents in need. The aim is to have the “virtual warehouse” packed to the rafters with essential items by Floriade’s end.

Click here to find out more about GIVIT.

07 Park Light By TK
8 Park Light By TK

IES 2017 Park Light Event, Canberra

Integral Lighting had fun creating and playing with different lighting installations on the historic facades of the Glassworks and Fitters Workshop in Kingston on September 19th as part of the IES 2017 Park Light event. We love seeing the powerful impact creative lighting design can have on a buildings’ architecture and the public realm while catching up with the fellow Canberra lighting design community.

Click here for more pics.

Constitution Avenue
Constitution Avenue After

Constitution Avenue, Canberra – Refurbished, Relit and Reimagined

The award winning Constitution Avenue upgrade is now complete and has already improved the feel and function of Canberra City as intended.

Integral Lighting is incredibly proud to have supplied the architectural fittings that now light the reimagined boulevard that links City Hill to Russell. The WE-EF VFL500 series was chosen specifically for its architectural appearance and state of the art LED technology. Both these features being key in bringing the designer’s vision to life.

The joint project involving the NCA, TCCS, JILA, Hill Thalis, SMEC, Lighting Art + Science and AECOM has been well received winning both the Canberra Medallion as well as the Sir John Overall Award for Urban Design and has been praised by juror Philip Leeson who says he ‘hopes it sets the scene for future development around the city.’

Bowen Place - 04
From road
Bowen Place - 05
From path

Bowen Place Crossing, Canberra

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2016 ACT Architecture Awards! We are proud to represent WE-EF, the main supplier chosen to illuminate the winning project of the ‘Canberra Medallion’ and ‘The Sir John Overall Award for Urban Design’; Bowen Place Crossing.

The job was applauded for ‘being breathtakingly bold yet intelligently simple. It derives its clarity from an arc of trajectory that draws the cutting down into the slope of the terrain, while cleverly working the ramp incline to create a continuous path of movement. Cyclists, joggers and walkers all experience the immersive descent and ascent with similar assuredness….’

Integral Lighting supplied WE-EF FLC240’s with directional linear spreader lenses to achieve the uniformity across the decorative panelled wall and walking space, whilst also maintaining and enhancing the fluidity of the architecture.

Read the full statement on page 20 & 27 of the 2016 ACT Architecture Awards Catalogue.

War Memorial 01
Main Entry
War Memorial 02
Exterior Façade

Australian War Memorial, Canberra

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 IES Awards. We are proud to represent one of the main suppliers who played a key role in achieving the ‘Award of Excellence’ for the Australian War Memorial lighting design; ERCO!

ERCO supplied Tesis LED in-ground wall-washers for the exterior façade as well as two ERCO Beamers, with oval flood distribution, for the two entry columns.

The job was applauded for its atmospheric and emotive lighting and was described as ‘befitting both the fallen soldiers and the architecture.’

Read the full statement on page 28 of the September/October 2015 Sidelights Newsletter.

Woolley Street after

Woolley Street, Dickson, Canberra

Woolley Street in the Canberra suburb of Dickson has long been a lively food hub and is accordingly both a high vehicle and a high pedestrian traffic area. Hungry people pound the pavement both day and night in search of its multicultural fare.

In 2015 the ACT Government decided to bring this popular street into the modern world of sustainable LED lighting. After consultations with Integral Lighting, the government settled on replacing the original 150W metal halide lantern-style fittings with WE-EF’s state-of-the art ASP530 72W LED luminaire. The WE-EF luminaire is designed to not only light the main thorough fare but to brighten any dark spots and eliminate colour temperature variations, making for a safer and more comfortable atmosphere. The custom-powder coated green also helps retain the charm of the original decorative poles.

The switch was completed in early April 2015 and, as the before and after photos show, WE-EF luminaires complement and enhance the street’s existing façades while providing the contemporary lighting update required.