Canberra Metro, Canberra

Northbourne Ave, Canberra, ACT

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Transport Canberra’s Light Rail project stands as a pivotal element within the ACT Government’s Canberra Plan, serving as a strategic guide for the city’s growth into its second century. The Light rail’s key initiative is reducing congestion, climate action and enhancing overall liveability. I offers a more sustainable transportation option for Canberra, a city where the majority of residents previously relied on cars for commuting to work.

In addition to the inherent sustainability advantages of shifting user preferences toward public transport, Transport Canberra aims to establish a benchmark in sustainable design and delivery. Transport for Canberra and City Services (TCCS) approved WE-EF Luminaires were selected to illuminate the light rail track and surrounding roads. These luminaires not only provide lighting that encourages activity but also enhance urban aesthetics and visual comfort for all users. WE-EF luminaires stand out as the ideal choice for illuminating trains and light rail due to their longevity, durability, and robust high-quality fittings, ensuring superior performance and efficiency


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