Constitution Avenue, Canberra

Canberra City, ACT

Electrical Consultant

Lighting Art + Science


Jane Irwin Landscape Architecture




The award winning Constitution Avenue upgrade is now complete and has already improved the feel and function of Canberra City as intended.

Integral Lighting is incredibly proud to have supplied the architectural fittings that now light the reimagined boulevard that links City Hill to Russell. The WE-EF VFL500 series was chosen specifically for its architectural appearance and state of the art LED technology. Both these features being key in bringing the designer’s vision to life.

The joint project involving the NCA, TCCS, JILA, Hill Thalis, SMEC, Lighting Art + Science and AECOM has been well received winning both the Canberra Medallion as well as the Sir John Overall Award for Urban Design and has been praised by juror Philip Leeson who says he ‘hopes it sets the scene for future development around the city.’


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